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St. John’s Ambulance

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St. John's Ambulance provides therapy dog visits for people living with dementia.

Contact Info
  • Email: info@fd.sja.ca
  • Phone: (613) 722-2002
  • Website: https://www.sja.ca/English/Community-Services/Pages/Therapy%20Dog%20Services/default.aspx
  • Address: 1050 Morrison Dr, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Hours of Operation
based on volunteer availability

Verified Dementia-Inclusive Features

  • Bilingual (E/Fr)
Dementia-Inclusive Trained Staff
  • Yes
Contact Info

Hours of Operation: based on volunteer availability


The St. John Ambulance therapy dog program brings joy and comfort to the sick, lonely, and those who need a friendly visit. Therapy dog services are provided in a wide range of community settings: hospitals, seniors residences, care facilities, schools, universities, colleges, community centres, and libraries. The therapy dog program provides an opportunity for individuals to talk with the volunteer and the dog; Feel, touch, pet and cuddle the dog; Receive unconditional love from the dog; Carry-out or practice activities in the presence of the dog. This service’s reported benefits include: greater social engagement with individuals/residents and increased participation in activities; Stress relief and distraction from pain; Comfort and calming influence; Improved self-confidence and esteem.


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Last updated: 26-11-2020
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