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Venezolanos por la Vida

105 Tanjoe Crescent, North York, ON, Canada

Tel:(613) 301-0131
Details   Website   Directions


Embassy of Mexico in Canada

45 O'Connor Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Tel:(613) 787-5177
Details   Website   Directions

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Care Facilities

Dementia-inclusive retirement homes and long-term care facilities.

Community services and centres

Resources that help you remain active in the community. Examples include town hall and senior centres.


Dementia-inclusive entertainment options across The 613. Examples include art galleries and museums.

Healthcare & Caregiver Support Services

Resources that support living well with dementia. Examples include health clinics, home care services and caregiver resources.

Legal & Financial

Resources that support your legal and financial needs.

Safety Monitoring

Organizations, businesses and services that support living safely at home.


Sale of goods and services to consumers in The 613.  Examples include local shops, grocery stores, and pharmacies.


Dementia-inclusive transportation options and traveling across The 613.